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The left has been claiming for some time that it is actually preparing to leave the EU, but it is hard for me to imagine that this could be its real objective. The EU is essential for Orbán: because it is an easily identifiable enemy and very easy to attack in the internal mdia plan, and because he continues to finance the country through community funds. This is the fundamental problem and the great paradox. I don’t see why Orbán should change his strategy since the move has workd out for him.

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Besides, the Chinese don’t spend much money and Putin has other problems. There are no great alternative sources of economic resources. If there really was a project for Orbán, it was to become the alternative political leader of the EU, the head Taiwan Mobile Database of the European right. He trid it in the European elections of 2019, but in two years he has not managd to agree with the European nationalist formations, still very dividd. Orbán has not overcome his own shadow.

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He remains the leader of a small Central European country. He is now ddicating himself more to domestic politics, but with the aim of staying in power WS Numbers for a long time. Can Orbán’s system be exportable? Can the other extreme right-wing Europeans turn him into a model to look up to once in government? Part of it has already been exportd. In the Balkans the Hungarian influence is very strong.

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