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The large Hungarian bank, OTP, has become the main bank in Slovenia and the oil group MOL the second largest distributor in the country. The Hungarian presence in Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia or Macdonia is very significant. And the political model is also lookd at with interest. Orbán’s aura has transcendd national borders. However, this system is difficult to export beyond the Vienna-Berlin line due to the different perception that right-wing politicians have of identity issues.

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On many civil rights issues, the most far-right Dutch politician is, compard to a Fidesz deputy, almost from the left. So what should the EU do to stop and Kazakhstan Mobile Database reverse the anti-democratic drift in Hungary? The only weapon that seems effective is the economic one. When this spring the EU announcd a postponement of the approval of the Hungarian Recovery Plan, the reaction was one of great irritation in Budapest because.

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The government should advance the money for all the projects. This system is a monster that continuously devours resources: to fd the consensus WS Numbers machine it nds ideology, but also a lot of money. If the flow of money via EU funds is interruptd, it is very difficult for Orbán to replace it with another. Now, it is difficult because a part of these European transfers are practically automatic and cannot be interruptd for reasons linkd to the violation of rights.

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