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Marketing Sneaky between the early hours of the year. month. and day Stealth marketing. The sneaky. mid-afternoon of the year. month. day. on the Cologne marketing day in ! It’s Thursday morning; in the morning the staff of the German Marketing Institute arrive in Cologne for the th Cologne Marketing Days. Suddenly. a white Sprinter round the corner and pull up in front of the delivery entrance. Then everything goes very fast. Boxes were remov. bags were open and booths were set up. In a short period of time.

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The ü lounge at ü has been transform into a Egypt Phone Number List fully equipp lecture room. .  up. and the team eagerly wait for the arrival of the first batch of guests. Shortly after the room. the silver doors of the elevator open every minute. After approval. the contestants came to u’s reception room with name tags and in a happy mood. It smells like coffee and breakfast and is very uplifting. Prof. Dr. Bernecke. initiator of Marketing Days Cologne. personally welcom the participants. Old friends meet and new faces get to know each other. One of KMT’s strengths has become obvious. easy networking in a relax atmosphere. Prof. Dr. Berneke and Dr.

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When the guests pour into the lecture WS Numbers hall. everything was ready. bag of the German Marketing Institute. which contains not only writing materials but also a yearbook of marketing. Early in the morning on Marketing Day in Cologne. the sound blar from the loudspeaker system. Prof. Dr. Berneke gave a warm welcome to all participants and then captivat the audience with his lecture on branding emotionally. It quickly becomes apparent why companies today ne not only customers but (brand) fans. On the heels of Brand Emotion. the head of . offers exciting insights into the travel company’s.

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