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Present the illustration They are not unnecessary advertising slogans, but they effectively signal what the user will find in specific sections or under individual buttons. The content on the website of Cree Lighting a lighting manufacturer is clear and concise Present the illustration With larger amounts of content, it is sometimes worth hiding a part so that it does not interfere with the reception of the page as a whole. Cree Lighting does this in its Insights and Inspiration section , allowing visitors to explore some of the content themselves.

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In this way, it adds an interactive element to the website and engages users even more in browsing the content. 6. Hawthorn convenient Qatar Mobile Database navigation and process description Hawthorn manufactures clothes. The homepage of this company is quite simple. It describes the advantages of using the services of this manufacturer and shows the stepbystep process of order execution.

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By placing such sections on the home page, a potential. Customer can immiately find out how the cooperation is going and WS Numbers whether the company meets its requirements. In addition to the main menu, the user can use the CTA buttons locat in various places on the website to navigate it more efficiently. It is worth paying attention to the uniqueness of each CTA . The use of repetitive calls to action (like learn more, see more ) is a common practice on websites.

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