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Successful Radio Ads YYYY Reaching Your  Radio YYYY Generations Most Important Numbers. Figures. and Facts About Generations YYYY Database Marketing. Defining and Explaining YYYY How Target Content Affects Rankings YYYY Category of the Day Category Selection Category The author Ms. is a project manager at the German Marketing Academy in Cologne. Before being employ at the German Marketing Academy. Ms. Silberbach studi Social Sciences at the University of Cologne. majoring in Business Administration.

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Positive Social Research. She also gain Armenia Phone Number List experience in demographic research and qualitative market research in the food sector. As an empirical research expert. Ms. Silberbach provides relevant insights from quantitative and qualitative market research for company-relat decision-making. Her remit also includes marketing consulting and online marketing projects. Search engine optimization ( ). search engine advertising ( ). website analytics and optimization. and social mia marketing ( ) are all areas of her expertise.

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Demography and Political Science

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