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In addition, they enable cost-effective scaling of solutions, as well as ensure high availability of services.The market has a lot of possibilities to implement such systems, ranging from free solutions HAProxy, Nginx) and commercial (Cisco, F5), through software solutions, to cloud options. When choosing a hardware solution, assume that reliability is bundl from the manufacturer . On the one hand, there is a limitation to what the manufacturer proposes, on the other hand, we receive full support during performance problems.

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The software solution does not allow you to manage the hardware, the functionalities are focus on software capabilities  number of vCPU, RAM, number of connections). The cloud solution is a combination of the  previous options. Then the Azerbaijan Mobile Database cloud provider offers us a hardware load balancer, manag by him, or a software one – manag by us. Major public cloud providers provide load balancers with their own names. Amazon provides AWS Elastic Load Balancer , Microsoft provides Azure Load Balancer, and Google Cloud Platform provides Cloud Load Balancing. How to handle server load balancing.

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Over the years, the approach to hosting a website has chang a lot. Rarely is a single server us for this purpose, even in a world of unlimit server possibilities. The load balancer has become one of the key elements in the WS Numbers design of the entire infrastructure, and its proper implementation will ensure the optimization of resources, rucing loads and increasing productivity. Selection of the load balancer type The load balancer is the first element of the infrastructure to which the client connects and the only one that is visible to him, regardless of whether the system is in hardware or software version. The hardware option will use a physical server, which of course requires an appropriate investment.

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