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We spend many hours of the day at work, and although this new trend in human resources knows the nes of organizations, these are no longer in the foreground because they are not possible to meet if people are left aside. at work. It is evident that we live in a time with different nes: we learn with technology, we communicate faster and our ambitions are no longer the same. Previously, people sought to remain in a job entity for as long as possible, which was synonymous with stability, but many contemporary indices show us that younger workers are thinking about new opportunities daily and about reaching management positions in the shortest time.

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 It is in these times where the advancement of social sciences leaves aside the traditional way of evaluating behavior at work and proposes a human side of the company. Talent management b2b email list draws on the various theories propos and leads this new organizational profile that thinks of a company as a living organism and collaborators as the fuel to make it work.Formal or informal ucation in our Western culture teaches us skills, knowlge, beliefs, fears, etc. It teaches us, for example, to live better; brings us closer to art; it instructs us on how we should take care of our health; how to be happy, etc.

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However, there is a void as great as the uncertainty of man’s existence that almost no one teaches (except religion): how to die? This reality leaves aside, perhaps, the most important WS Numbers issue of every human being without any treatment. A situation that involves constant self-deception that sooner or later we discover and when we are aware of it we have neither the knowlge nor the ability to understand it, worse still, to cope with it. Should we teach how to die? This is the fundamental question that should be the subject of teachers, especially in the ucation of children and young people .

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