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They work with UI and UX on a daily basis, follow trends, user preferences and know what solutions will be useful. Although design work should prece the programming process, our experience shows that designers are often also ne in the next stage – for development tasks. This is because it doesn’t always make sense to design all views. Typically, the elements that the designer would have to design will be identical to those design in other views.

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In such cases, the specialist designs the main views, and then adds something or tells the programmer how the element should Philippines Mobile Database look like. Development works and tests The next step is programming and testing. Due to the fact that the implementation of the project from the development side is usually divid into stages, during which various functionalities are creat, in accordance with a previously outlin plan, the tests themselves are intertwin with programming work.

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Functionalities should be check on an ongoing basis by programmers, people responsible for tests and the client himself, who WS Numbers usually gets a separate instance of the system for these purposes, the so-call stage , which is updat usually after each stage of work. Implementation If the entire project is ready and test, and the client has approv its implementation, it’s time to launch the website.

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