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With PHP and with Drupal Commerce also allows you to generate and manage promotional codes in the form of fix, percentage, single and reusable coupons. 2. Make your site responsive According to a report publish by SaleCycle , more than half of ecommerce With PHP and with transactions worldwide are made via mobile devices (57 in Europe). Therefore, there is no doubt that creating a responsive website, one adapt to be view and operat using smartphones and tablets.

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One of the most important tasks fac by ecommerce companies. Remember that by not caring about a good user experience in ecommerce China Mobile Database on mobile devices, you risk losing more than half of your potential customers. Fortunately, more and more ecommerce platforms are equipp with special functionalities, modules and plugins that make it easier to adapt the project to mobile devices ( Bootstrap, Adaptive.

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Theme, In addition, web developers can use one of. The many web testing tools to evaluate the responsiveness. Of their ecommerce WS Numbers site and decide on implementing fixes. Take care of the design of the ecommerce website tips. However, the use of the latest technologies. And the implementation of useful functionalities. Is not enough to ensure a great UX. Visual elements and content placement are equally important. They are what make the customer engage in exploring the ecommerce site and browsing the products.

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