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Under Merkel’s aegis, women were always in the minority in the cabinet. Scholz has announcd that, in case of victory in the parliamentary elections, the cabinet positions will be distributd according to gender equality. The international agenda has not playd an important role in these elections, despite conjunctural issues such as the Western defeat in Afghanistan – where Germany had sent 150,000 soldiers in the last 20 years, as part of the mission of the North Atlantic.

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Treaty Organization (NATO)–, migration or other issues that require a common European position. After September 26, the composition of the government Croatia Mobile Database will not be one party but several forming a coalition. And in coalition negotiations, the political priorities of one party are often postpond in order to find consensus with others. The further away they are from their own values ​​and priorities, the more painful these procrastinations can be.

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The Social Democratic Party, the Conservatives and the Greens are vying for leadership in the post-Merkel era in an economic and social framework WS Numbers in which the challenges for the German Welfare State, but also for digitization, seem particularly important. Germany: what comes after Merkel? In Germany there is an atmosphere of discouragement. The coronavirus has creatd a new fear in a rich and stable country.

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