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Whether points In 2011, Grzorz Bartman, then the owner of the small Drupal agency OpenBIT, took part in DrupalCamp Berlin. After returning, he report the event on his company blog and end the article with a question: Maybe it’s time to organize such an event in Poland? Grzorz conduct talks with various people from the local IT and marketing industry, and then creat a group of organizers of the first DrupalCamp Poland. The event took place in 2012 in Wrocław, and one of its sponsors was Maciej Łukiański, CEO of a small drupal agency Advanteo.

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He also came to the conference as a speaker and that’s how he met Grzorz Bartman. Photo of the participants of the first DrupalCamp Turkey Mobile Database Poland conference devot to the CMS Drupal system Participants of the first DrupalCamp Poland in 2012. In the same year, Grzorz and Maciej heard that four European Drupal companies would join forces and become one 140person agency. Because of this, they start doing projects together and talking about merging their companies. They did it on February 4, 2013. Then Droptica was born.

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Statement by the CEO of Droptica, Grzorz Bartman, in which he explains the reason for establishing the company droptic now Starting WS Numbers from a handful of programmers and two small offices, Droptica has grown into a company with over 70 employees and offices in Wrocław, Gdańsk, Toruń and Rzeszów . More than half of specialists work remotely from different parts of Poland. The number of employees of the Droptica software company over the last ten years Now we have not only programmers on board , but also a team of testers, DevOps engineers, project managers, designers and HR, finance, sales and marketing specialists.

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