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What website elements The best-design websites of manufacturing companies have visible buttons leading to product subpages – so that the user is able to quickly What website elements find them. Such subpages should contain the most important information about the offer, but at the same time should not be overload with content. It will be a good idea to use bullet points, graphics and videos presenting products. Contact details or form Entrepreneurs should assume that their potential business customers will have additional questions or ask for a special offer.

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The contact page is a mandatory element of the production page. It should contain an e-mail address and a telephone number for the Cyprus Mobile Database customer service department. At this point on the page, it is worth placing a contact form . A good place will also be the side margin of the page, the hero section (if you create a multi-stage form in the form of a survey) or hiding the window with the form under a button plac in a strategic place on the page. By adding a few more specific questions in the form.

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You can shorten the process of preparing a personaliz offer and complete the sale faster. Intuitive navigation Good navigation is WS Numbers essential on every website, and in the case of product websites, it can guarantee an advantage over the competition. Often, due to the very wide offer, the websites of companies in the manufacturing industry are complex, have extensive menus and appear unstructur. It is difficult to find the necessary information and contact details on them.

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