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What makes them The backend is a part of the system that includes business logic, data processing and communication with various services. It is therefore the basis of the application that allows you to process information and send it to the frontend. What is backend? The backend, otherwise known as the “server part of the application”, is the part of the system that is not visible to the user, but plays an important role in the operation of the application.which allows you to avoid failures and ensure the reliability of the website.

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Data analysis. The backend allows you to process data obtain from the application and use it to make business decisions. Intration with other systems. The backend allows you to intrate the application with other systems, such as paymen t systems Henan Mobile Database or CRM. API management. The backend allows you to manage the API, share data from the website with other applications and control access to data. Backend languages There are many programming languages ​​that can be us for backend development. Below are some examples of backend languages ​​and their purpose. PHP This language is especially popular for creating dynamic websites and web applications.

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It is often us in conjunction with MySQL databases. PHP is also popular in the ecommerce industry many popular solutions for online stores WS Numbers are written in it ( Drupal Commerce ). Java One of the most popular programming languages ​​that is often us for backend development. It is a generalpurpose language because it is versatile and allows you to create both simple and complex applications. Python This language is easy to use, which is why it is often us to create web applications and to automate work. It is a programming language often us to create desktop and web applications using the .NET Framework.  is very similar to Java and is popular in industries such as games and business applications.

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