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What is the secret In the example above, we see a standard division into events and news. This type of solution allows us to easily and effectively distribute content in specific channels. On our test site, this was us to create separate subpages presenting content from these two catories. News and Events are two examples of catories in which we can distribute content in Thunder CMS. SEO Title This is a title that is not visible to the user himself, but is read by robots crawling and indexing our website.

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Its quality and compliance with certain rules are of key importance for strengthening the site’s position in Google or Bing search engines. This title is also us when automatically generating the page addrIf we add to this the ability to set notifications Find Your Mobile Database about any changes, we will get a comprehensive solution for ecommerce , allowing to organize even the most complex processes. PIM systems, such as Pimcore, have a convenient option for product lifecycle management. Source: Pimcore 5. Photo and video conversion An important element of the presentation of each product apart from its description on the product page is a photo or video.

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Pimcore has the ability to handle many photo and video formats, and more importantly their conversion and modification. Thanks to this, we WS Numbers can carry ou. For example, a simple change of dimensions. Or compression, as well as perform more complex tasks, such as cropping or preparing many variants tailor to display on the screens of a specific type of devices. The PIM system allows the user to convert photos and videos directly from within the tool.

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