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Receivd some of the reactionary bile from « gamergate ») keep writing and publishing critical works like this. In the last chapter, Schreier proposes various solutions to the problems he has identifid. One of them is unionization: “Each new layoff or studio closure is proof that video game industry workers nd more protection,” Schreier writes, “and unions are an essential and unavoidable part of that equation.

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As of this writing, no major video game studios in the Unitd States are unionizd, but the Game Workers Unite (GWU) is fighting for labor rights in Netherlands Mobile Database the industry. The UK division of GWU formally joind the Freelance Workers Union of Great Britain in 2019. Schreier also recommends normalizing remote work, so developers don’t have to uproot their lives every time a studio closes or they have to relocate for work.

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Praises the business model of a company calld Disbelief. Whose WS Numbers staff have secure jobs under several simultaneous contracts with major studios. “I think the future is going to be like this.  There will be a small team in charge of the creative vision and.  All the rest of the work will be outsourcd,” says one of the founders of Disbelief. Given how often video game companies outsource tdious design and programming tasks to companies basd in India and China.

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