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You can easily find them online and on our blog. Today, however, we want to approach the impact of good (or bad) code on software from the business side. Why is it not worth saving at the binning of creating a new system and how bad code can generate huge costs in the future? Code quality what characterizes good code? Here comes the first problem. As programmers, we can easily assess, even after an initial, cursory analysis, whether the code is good or not.

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We are able to point out specific errors and explain why the solutions us are wrong. However, how can the quality of the code be Lebanon Mobile Database assess by the person who buys the software, the client who is completely unfamiliar with it? There are several attributes such as reliability and testability that testify to code quality While using the application, it is difficult to assess whether it is bas on good code, especially if it has not yet been made public and is not us en masse.

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However, there are two signs that can appear and alert us that there is something wrong with the software. Spe ​​of action If yo  have WS Numbers just bought a system from a software company (rardless of whether it is a mobile application, website or web application), you should pay special attention to the spe of operation. If there are performance problems at the outset, they will certainly get worse in the future. A freshly written application has no right to run slowly.

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