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Website elements This field is also enrich with a “correct indicator” oscillating between the colors: r (wrong), yellow (correct) and green (good). The dynamic bar shows us whether we stick to the set rules, such as the length of the title. This indicator updates automatically when you complete the title, so there is no ne to refresh the page. The SEO Title field in Thunder CMS has a validation indicator that helps determine the length of the title.

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Tags These are keywords that allow us to group content bas on them. It is one of the integral elements of modern content creation. Thunder CMS does not lag behind in this matter and proposes a simple but complementary 1000 Mobile Database way of generating and adding tags. The tags field allows you to select prefin tags and create new ones on the fly. All tags we define are available here.

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Here we can it, delete and add new ones. An example of creating tags in Thunder CMS: In Thunder CMS, we can conveniently group key WS Numbers phrases and organize Tags using drag and drop.The it term field in Thunder allows you to create new and it existing tags with additional information. In addition to the name itself, tags can also contain additional, extensive information thanks to the use of Paragraphs ( PARAGRAPHS ), the operation of which we present later in the article. A tag prepar in this way can be easily search for and add to our article. Tags prepar in Thunder CMS,  keywords, can be easily search and add to the article.

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