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Web designers However, there are a few standard metrics for your site’s performance that should appear in each of these apps , even if they have different names. The data that analytics tools can provide you with is quite diverse and complementary to each other. They can be divid into quantitative and qualitative. Quantitative data is numbers and percentages. A good example of quantitative information is the number of recipients.

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The effectiveness of marketing activities (conversions) and activities on the website showing the behavior of users USA Mobile Database within it ( express as a percentage). Such information allows you to become aware of the existence of a problem, too low a number of conversions, too high a bounce rate, leaving the basket too often. However, it is difficult to accurately identify this problem on their basis. Qualitative data allows you to pinpoint the problem because it answers the question of what is causing the behavior.

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This type of data is obtain, among others, by conducting surveys in which customers can be ask detail questions ( why they abandon WS Numbers the basket, did they find what they were looking for on the website, etc.). Web analytics tools include: Page views how many users visit your website in a given time period. This is very important information because it allows you to assess the visibility of your website, the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns and interest in your content and brand. Number of new sessions A session, unlike an impression, is not a single event, but a series of user interactions with your website (many pageviews, complet transactions, etc.

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