We suggest these tips to michele to start acting


 These components (rollers and cylinders) are indispensable to companies in the textile sector for a so-call   finishing  phase of processing: these are all those treatments appli  to fabrics with the aim of improving their characteristics. In this industrial business context it is difficult to think about the commercial effectiveness of an action on a facebook page or a link in profile. But the experience of beta machinery (and many other smes taking this path) demonstrates exactly the opposite. We suggest  these tips to michele to start acting on some levers: strengthen the brand of your historic company on social m ia (branding); resume contact on link in with customers you haven’t heard from in years (customer care); introduce yourself on link in directly to companies that distribute spare parts (leads).

Without a good guide you get lost


 These three directions of action have email List significantly chang  many commercial dynamics. Then the unimaginable happen : selling a large cylinder for finishing machines with a post on facebook. But this is the classic unexpect  result. Which motivat  the company to invest even more time in b2b business strategy on social channels. Digital training for entrepreneurs: the map social m ia marketing courses for b2b in espero the digital universe is truly vast. Without a good guide you get lost and risk wasting resources and energy. Just like when you go around in circles in a complex junction made up of dozens of road junctions: one mistake can actually make you proce  in the opposite direction.

How much should i invest initially


 Training on digital and social m ia marketing for smes is like a general map that shows you the road WS Numbers network of this large unknown country that is social m ia. Where you suddenly found yourself wandering and navigating despite yourself. You will surely have ask  yourself some questions: which channel is best to choose for my market? How much should i invest initially? How do i measure results? The map that we propose you to use consists of personaliz  training that will help you orient yourself to be able to make inform  and measurable decisions.

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