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We see is moving Wondering if the Lazyload module is right for your site? We maintain and create many websites on Drupal , so using our experience, we will be happy to check which solution will be the best for your website.In this article, we will discuss the differences, advantages and disadvantages of each solution. However, before that happens, let’s briefly remind ourselves how websites work and how it happens that no matter what device we use to surf the web, all we ne is an internet connection and any device with a browser.

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The binnings of HTML In the early 1980s, when the Internet was still in its infancy (in the form of ARPANET) and long before the appearance of the first web pages, scientists were working on creating a system that would allow remote Lithuania Mobile Database viewing of documents plac on another computer. This system had to be reliable and work on any computer, rardless of the operating system and specifications. It turn out that the simplest solutions are the best, and sending data using text containing appropriate tags, such as header , footer or strong , will be the best solution.

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This is how HTML was creat, which is still us in our browsers to display web pages today. What is serverside rendering? Since we WS Numbers already know what HTML is, we should answer the question of where it comes from. How is it that when visiting a given website, the server returns to us this and not another code? When the server receives a request from our browser, it has to process a whole lot of information, including checking if we sent any cookies along with the request.

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