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In addition to this gala, we also have a summary of the company’s recent activities, technical or soft skills workshops and a party. Other opportunities to meet in person include: Intration meetings (in four cities where we have offices). We go bowling, climbing, gokarting, do water sports or play board games. A week in another office . It is a paid weekly trip to one of the offices.

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It’s time to work and time with colleagues from another city. Conferences . Every year we participate in several industry events Israel Mobile Database in Poland. We give the opportunity to sign up for them for a few or a dozen or so people. . Ready for years to come The last ten years have been a great period for our company. We have significantly expand our team, help many companies develop their businesses, built a strong presence in the Drupal community, learn about new technologies and creat a unique organizational culture.

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In the coming years, we want to constantly develop Droptica, offering new technologies and dicat services for select industries in which WS Numbers we already have experience (including publishing, production and financial). To be ready for even more projects, we plan to have over 100 specialists in our company in 2023. We hope that you will accompany us as our partner, collaborator or observer. We promise to deliver excellent services, knowlge and guidance for the next ten years and beyond!Many articles have already been written about what characterizes good code, how to write good code and why good code … is good from the programming side.

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