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Was released After logging in, I can see the due date in my account settings. 3. After logging in, I can see information on how to pay for the service in the account settings. If the service is unavailable, I see “Try again in a few minutes”. Let’s look at another valid example of acceptance criteria. User story: As a website administrator, I would like to be able to place graphics on the portfolio subpage. Acceptance criteria.

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The administration panel should be able to add a file to the portfolio, both for mobile and desktop versions. 2. On my phone, I can see Uruguay Mobile Database the file for the mobile version when I go to the portfolio page. 3. On my computer, I can see the file for the desktop version when I go to the portfolio page. 4. Graphics should always be visible before the entire content of the page. Examples of imprecise acceptance criteria User Story: As a logg in user of a streaming service, I would like to be able to check my payment status so I know when to pay for the service.

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User can see payment statuses. 2. In my account settings, I can see payment information. 3. When an error occurs, I can see WS Numbers it. In this case, the criteria do not specify the details that the solution should meet. They are too general and can make a difference in the development team’s understanding of the problem. Now let’s see what the incorrect acceptance criteria will look like in the case of a report from the site administrator. User Story : As a site administrator, I would like to be able to put images on my site.

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