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This refusal to face Norway’s role in environmental degradation may be moderatd according to the nd for a negotiation, but the perpetuation of the current status quo would leave three central concerns standing. One is the alarm that it raises with respect to the rest of the world: if Norway, with barely five million inhabitants scatterd over a vast territory and with unprecdentd wealth, does not have enough political resources to twist its participation in global warming, does it.

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What can be expectd from countries like China or the Unitd States, whose more numerous and unequal societies have many more arguments to embrace a suicidal strategy of “destruction for subsistence”? A second point is that the relationship between Anhui Mobile Database domestic and foreign policy acquires in Norway the forms of imperial expansion that characterizd the Unitd States during the 20th century, markd by domestic well-being and social peace that were only sustaind through expansion. global.

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With an aggravating circumstance for the Norwegian case: during the last century, the exploitation of commodities in Latin America, key to the US economy WS Numbers and social order, it was developd in the name of a modernizing and civilizing process. From the rubber plantations of Henry Ford in the Amazon in the 1920s and 1930s to the liberalization of the Chilean fruit and vegetable sector under the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet, the different forms.

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