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Now the most popular form of entertainment is in a small picture. right in front of our eyes. In addition to smart contact lenses making search fun and easy to use. the Mountain  and the diseases that affect us. After the International Diabetes Feration announc that the world is losing the fight against diabetes. Google decid. It’s time to change that. Also. in an extremely spectacular and modern way! As you can see. the pioneers of the Internet market are preparing us with modern technological solutions regarding virtual and private life.

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Social Mia at the Sochi Olympics The concept of the Social Olympics came into play during the London Games. with athletes. fans and official (but also unofficial) sponsors using. in creative ways. . or to compete.  pav the way. but Russia’s Sochi will be the domain of a conscious. fully integrat social marketing campaign. There will also be a social dark horse. The Olympic torch will be lit over the Olympic Stadium in the Russian resort Cyprus B2B List of Sochi on the first Friday of May as thousands of athletes from around the world begin competing in dozens of winter sports. We also look at competition in the social mia space.

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In London. we are doing a warm-up campaign. while in Russia the social mia campaign will be on multiple levels. more consciously and. above all. more effective.  the dark horse of these Games could be the Portals.Russia’s offensive. it’s hard to resist the impression that this is the Eastern version of the American social giant. Similar simple graphic design. and similar functionality. It seems there are more. You may be hearing about this service for the first time. but it has been a huge success in Russia for a long time. According to the research. the number of monthly WS Numbers active users in Russia is close to . . while the number of Russian fans at the same time is only.


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