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Support on , Windows and Linux. In addition, it supports multiple server versions, and the implementation of new changes or code is easy to perform. Security and spe . Thanks to new versions of the language, security bugs are fix on an ongoing basis, and the security of the language itself increases. Additionally, new PHP releases perform very well in spe and performance tests. Community support and sample code availability . The popularity of PHP translates into the number of active users and the amount of code and tutorials they share.

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Such code is an ideal source of knowlge or inspiration, useful in new projects. PHP project types The PHP language offers many possibilities Romania Mobile Database and functionalities. It allows for easy communication with many types of databases, which is often us when creating web applications. In addition, it enables the processing of text, graphics, XML documents and many other types of data. Despite the wide spectrum of applications, the ways of using PHP can be divid into 3 sections: Serverside scripting . At the time of execution, they return the result of the operation data, which is most often display to the user using the browser.

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Scripts execut by the terminal . In the case of the command line, no PHP server is requir, only a PHP interpreter that will process the given WS Numbers code. Desktop Applications . PHP also supports the development of graphical applications by extending PHPGTK, although this is not what the language was design for. Dynamic vs static PHP pages PHP supports the ability to create both static and dynamic pages.

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