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User roles and groups The website should provide for user accounts. They can usually be divid into several groups, depending on your nes. The first will be the site administration. This group should include roles such as administrator managing the entire configuration of the site , who should have access to logs so that in the event of a failure, he can easily find its cause.

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For pages support by a development company , the administrator role is often assign to the technical lead of the project or India Mobile Database another experienc and trust developer. The group that manages the page can also include its itorsanother type of user. Due to the fact that these roles are usually assign to people working on the site from the content side, they should not have permission to it configuration areas that may affect the overall operation of the site.

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A user with the itor role should only have access to add, delete or it content such as articles, blog posts, landing pages, products, etc. Another group of users will be the so-call end users, i.e. all persons to whom the website WS Numbers is address . Depending on the project’s guidelines, they may have different degrees of permission, which will allow them, for example, to only view the content and write comments. Sometimes it happens that the project requires adding the possibility of registering or granting a premium account.

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