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In the middle of the section there is also an AEI in 90 seconds button . After clicking on it, you can watch a video about the company and its offer. By including information about the duration of the video on this button, the customer knows that the video will not take long to watch, which increases the likelihood that the material will be play. The website of this engineering company also features statistics.

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In one of the sections, the creators of the site provid numbers indicating that the company is implementing a lot Saudi Arabia Mobile Database of projects. However, to illustrate the types of services provid by AEI, they us minimalist graphic symbols that help in the quick reception of content. Below are sections with brief descriptions of projects, with numbers and photos, which allows you to get acquaint with the company’s portfolio.

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Statistics and icons help show the experience and services of the. AEI engineering company At the very bottom of the site, a potential WS Numbers customer. Will find contact details, a map and a form. The button locat in the menu also takes you to. The contact page, so a person who does not reach the end of the home page. Will also easily access the form and address information. 3. Nuclear engineering – NUKEM The most interesting elements : a minimalist home page, a newsletter subscription button, multi-element offer pages, an interactive map of projects. NUKEM Technologies offers nuclear engineering services.

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