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Users who are your Layout configuration When adding a new section, the first thing to define is the container type. As standard, we can choose from three – Box, Full and . Then we can decide if we want to use gutters for this section or not. The next step will be to choose how much percentage should be occupi by a given column at a given breakpoint. Column customization as part of setting up the layout with Bootstrap Layout.

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Builder Style configuration In this tab, we can choose the background of the section, color and alignment of the text, margins and Qatar Mobile Database paddings, border, border-radius or the type of animation on scroll. Selection of section background color and text color using Bootstrap Layout Builder Selecting background and text colors in a section. Selecting padding and margins for sections in a layout creat with Bootstrap Layout Builder Set margins and paddings.

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Configure border settings in a section using the Bootstrap Layout Builder module Customize settings relat to section borders. Possible WS Numbers scroll effects for sections, provid by Bootstrap Layout Builder Wide selection of scrolling effects. Configure section settings In the third, last tab, you will find options to change the title of the section. Here we can also set classes and attributes for the container, rows and columns. Attributes are given in YAML format.

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