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This stage requires cooperation between managers, technical leaders and graphic designers on the side of the implementing company, and the client himself and people delegat to implement the project on his side. Each party should be open to suggestions and knowlge resulting from the experience of co-workers. Preparation of the work schule Once all the assumptions and requirements have been collect, it’s time to move on to creating a plan for implementing the project.

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This is mainly a task for project managers , however, it is worth remembering that managers are not always, or not fully, technical people, which will make it necessary to consult programmers, graphic designers and probably also Japan Mobile Database the client himself. Design works It’s time to “paint” the client’s vision! At this stage, specialists who have experience in designing UI and UX of websites start work . They create all the necessary views and a style guide for the application.

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These elements will be ne by developers in the next step, which is during coding. Design work is the next stage of creating a WS Numbers complex website, in which the client should be strongly involv and submit his comments and observations on an ongoing basis. However, just like when collecting requirements, it is also worth relying on the experience of specialists – in this case, designers.

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