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By using infinite scrolling. this is impossible because programs that collect website data cannot scroll pages by themselves like normal users. With traditional websites. everything is load in one go. and moving the slider is just a matter of placing it correctly on the screen. However. with the innovative solution. some data is only load after scrolling Algorithms don’t notice these additions. Luckily. Google gives an example of a site with  blog. and also provides some tips on how to do it so that the endless pages don’t affect the ranking of the entire site. and Location friendly. First. the continuous text that loads while scrolling must actually be separate subpages.

They don’t have to be visible to

The user (after all. that’s what infinite scrolling is all about). but the browser nes to know that a long string is made up of several specific elements. Additionally. an appropriate entry should be add to the header section. informing the robot that the subsequent object is part of a complete series. The and Venezuela B2B List attributes are us for this purpose by attaching tags to indicate the following elements. However. the title itself should not vary between consecutive segments.

B2B Email List

This is well explain in the image below

Source Another important aspect is the concern for users browsing unsupport websites. In order for them to display the content properly. it’s worth providing buttons that take you to the next subpage. in addition to navigating through scrolling. This will also greatly help search engine crawlers to navigate to the next piece of information and index it all properly. It’s also important to remember that when creating small pages using WS Numbers fragments of an entire website. make sure each page does its own job.


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