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Also remember that performance is important. Excessive saturation with libraries, code with a low efficiency factor or even suboptimal graphics will translate into longer page loading time, which in turn will contribute to worse results in search engines. backend The backend of a complex website should be thought out above all. Before starting work, programmers should choose a framework and all external systems that will be necessary to implement the project.

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The implementation itself should be prec by good architecture planning so as to eliminate the maximum number of potential problems. This approach will save you a lot of time and frustration in the development process. From China Mobile Database the technical side, the code should enable reusability and extensibility of components, be simple, written in accordance with good programming practices and well describ. Business logic The project manager nes to find out from customers what their expectations are and then translate this into a programming language.

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An example of a business logic process would be when. A and the user. Is notifi that the emai l has WS Numbers been sent. Therefore, we ne to describe how individual. Functionalities should behave . In the case of more complex ones, it is worth attaching visualizations to such a description, showing on a clear diagram what a given process looks like, what are the steps and possible situations.

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