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Be it someone with professional experience or a student graduate looking for a first employer and development opportunities will find attractive opportunities for their career path. We also have positions for full-time students starting in January. Details and recruitment surveys in the Jobs tab. ł Seminars at the the Career Fair in Bydgoszcz More seminars are coming soon. If you are interest in an issue or are looking for an expert career path we invite you to our next conference. which will be held in Poznań on June. Deloitte. First-time winner with innovation and revenue growth Customiz technology is a model for the economy of the future That’s the conclusion of the authors of this year’s Deloitte Technology Fast Central Europe Ranking. Poland is the most represent country in the ranking.

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Earnings have grown over the years. breaking another record and entering the ranking for the fifth time. a rare achievement in a ranking methodology. is a ranking of outstanding technology-innovating companies with the highest revenue dynamics over a one-year period. This year’s statement includes revenue for the calendar year. Competition are primarily the innovative nature of the activity. the production of know-how. or substantial Turkey B2B List expenditure on research and development. Achiev high revenue growth rate for the fifth time. placing it among the companies with the greatest economic impact and growth potential for years to come.

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Interesting data from this year’s ranking are present in the infographic below. Source. Deloitte In summary. The average dynamics of the winners’ income; Polish companies are represent in the list; Software and Internet industries are most represent. The ranking’s methodology rewards young companies with no more than a few years of market experience. which are objectively more likely to generate high revenue momentum. In the ranking. it is all the more emphatic that the company achiev the top spot in the ranking for the first time in its first year of operation. From WS Numbers Photos to Ads. a Way to Build Your Brand in Social Mia When it was acquir in April.


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