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What made it? It also counts the number of videos post and watch. according to Urban Dictionary. Some believe that the deciding factor is a thousand own videos and a million watch videos. But is the essence in the numbers themselves? Whether the channel host publishes hundrs or dozens of videos. it must satisfy the interest of the audience. Interesting content. interesting production. and strong personalities are what really determine the ratings.  Of famous. popular Internet stars are as diverse as user preferences. from game reviews. fashion. historical trivia. travel. to their own music. spoofs. recipes. to experiments or funny everyday things Scenes. The secret to success seems to be simply to give people what they are attract to.

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Enough. you ne to keep working on it in the first place and put a lot of heart and effort into implementing it. It’s a job like any other. so regularity is requir. The following all know this To name a few from Poland.  From abroad. Cynical Brits. How to make money? The advertising strategy has grown thanks to the Philippines B2B List acquisition by Google. which bought it for astronomical sums. billion dollars! It was a deliberate move that result in a significant change in the look of the site. Since then. his business model has focus on semi-professional partners who regularly record high-quality videos.

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Thanks to the partnership program. through which money flows to users from the ads plac in the videos. It often happens that the service offers users a share of advertising profits. which can be divid into several types. the pre-roll. the banner in the upper right corner of the page and the banner that appears during the video on the bottom bar and at the point where the video is shown before. The more ads on your video. the more you earn. Because of the placement of the product. funds are also able to flow. High channel ratings are an opportunity for WS Numbers brands to gain traction among specific audiences.



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