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On this precarious basis, he will try, however, to form a government keeping his promise not to integrate the Rd Party, locatd on the radical left, nor the environmentalists of the Green Party. Or else: Labor returns to power in Norway after an election in which the most significant fact was the drastic change in the ideological balance of the electorate. On the one hand, the result showd the growth of left-wing parties and those that demand drastic changes in the country’s climate change policy.

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On the other, it evidencd the abrupt fall of the conservative.  And far-right parties that campaignd reaffirming the commitment. To unlimitd exploitation Lists Of Mobile Database of hydrocarbons, mining and the salmon industry. Or else: after an election campaign in which climate change took center stage.  The Norwegian electorate turnd mainly to political options that promote continuing oil exploitation inside and outside the country beyond the consequences for the country itself. Norway and the world.

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Adding the votes of Labor, the Conservatives, the extreme right and the.  Center Party, about 65% of Norwegians votd in favor of maintaining WS Numbers and.  Extending the country’s dependence on the exploitation of hydrocarbons, an area that represents.  Between 15 and 25%. of national production and whose management through a huge sovereign wealth fund made. Norway one of the most prosperous and well-being countries on earth.

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