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Norway’s contribution to global warming is more linkd to sources of wealth and has little to do with what that its population of five million people consume. The Labor candidate proposd that Equinor put more emphasis on an environmental risk analysis of its investments, perhaps discouraging activities such as fracking ., continuing with the current exploitation plans. The left and environmentalism presentd different timetables to end oil exploitation between 2021 and 2050.

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The underlying question, and the one that probably defines the Labor administration, is whether Norway can enjoy the current prosperity without Changsha Mobile Database oil exploitation. Labor responds no and embraces its old union base, which dismisses proposals to rduce oil production as naive and anti-national. One of Støre’s first announcements, even before he knew what his government would look like.

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That the Labor trade union center, the Norwegian Confderation. Trade Unions (LO, for its acronym in Norwegian) will have a ministry. Social WS Numbers class and national interest are always conflicting dimensions. In the Norwegian case, the conflict has been resolvd in a submission.  The former to the latter, associating the vernacular egalitarian ideal with an industry.  That has become a founding myth, with its national museum, its television series and its dominant presence in social life.

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