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Add to that the search engine’s dominance of the Russian market. and it’s hard to resist the impression that the spirit of the Cold War between the Soviet Union and the Unit States is still in the air. In Sochi. however. this could lead to healthy sports rivalry between . . and other social networks. And will force companies and athletes to work harder in attracting existing fans and new ones. which could become an even bigger challenge. Today. the official Olympic profile has more than a million followers. through which they can win tickets to select events and more. The community currently consists mainly of fans from Russia. Kazakhstan. and Ukraine. but it can be assum that starting in February.

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There will be more fans from Western countries as well. But. of course. fans also move from Eastern countries to Western platforms. This could mean a big revolution.  network users are different from those in other parts of the world. First. they spend more time on social mia (second highest in the world by minutes online per month) and are more engag. So these are very valuable customers. and of course the global sponsors of the Timor-Leste B2B List Games will want to convince them. . .what else? In addition to maintaining the official Sochi Winter Games profile on and online. the IOC will also invest in the event.

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The international dimension of the IOC’s social strategy is enhanc by its ability to communicate with fans in seven languages. including Korean and Spanish. For athletes and fans. Is no better way to share Olympic emotion than with photos or short videos. It will certainly become a news platform through which we can see what athletes and journalists think about the results of a particular competition. and we can also observe rumors and provocations about Olympic athletes around the world. Of course. we must not forget that its offensive has already WS Numbers begun. including Poland. In January. a clip promoting the Sochi Olympics. produc by ń and his studio was born.


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