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Usually at the head of the page, providing access to other international versions of the website. Any traffic through these links should not be affect by geo-rirection. Ideally, these links would connect the user to the same page on the select ition (assuming such a page exists for that ition). Our recommendation? Follow international best practice. There is still some debate within the community as to whether. Geo-rirection is beneficial or harmful in the long run, even when implement with best efforts. But the general consensus is that geo-rirects are best avoid.

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The root cause of the problem that rirection is design to solve or avoid is the best, sustainable solution. From geographic retargeting to the latest in voice search, there are new and innovative ways to implement your strategy. For more information on where the industry is head, check out our white paper, Voice Search is Evolving. Google SEO In our experience, the best available options for international architecture are and Slovakia B2B List subdirectories, and subdirectory implementations for language variants. In reality, this decision often comes down to how much resources a brand is able or willing to commit.

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Subdirectory Subdirectories are unmatch in terms of low administrative cost, extreme reach, and ability to preserve uniform domain authority. This is the best option for most small and mid-siz brands, and even big ones, if they want range and efficiency. Subdirectories maximize marketing resources by consolidating all domestic and international efforts into the same root domain. This results in higher domain authority, which increases organic visibility potential in all areas. For subdirectories, no matter how many international regions are target, the technical overhead is minimal, as adding additional national language pairs is as simple as WS Numbers creating a new subdirectory within the platform.


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