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Firmina will soon join them, In its statement announcing the Firmina cable, Google states that it will improve access to Google services for users in South America, such as search, Gmail and YouTube, as well as Google Cloud services. Thus, platform-ownd submarine cables are not “Internet cables”, which imply common transport and non-discrimination of packets, but private and exclusive networks connectd to their own data centers.

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In short, private networks concentratd in platforms grow at the mercy of a possible collapse due to a simple failure in one of their servers or due to the Malaysia Mobile Database decisions that the platforms may make from one moment to another. Since the traffic is becoming centralizd in these networks, investment and construction of infrastructure outside the platforms is rducd, thus making the Internet infrastructure vulnerable.

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In its first decades of life, the Internet seemd to be indestructible due to its decentralization, although sensitive due to its still weak critical WS Numbers infrastructure. The appearance was that no one could determine the course of the Internet since it was organizd as a decentralizd network of networks, but it was possible that various natural catastrophes or, if necessary, military confrontations, could severely affect it due to the destruction of critical infrastructure.

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