This functionality is not flexible enough

This functionality is One should not be afraid of compromises that may result from such consultations. 2. Know the project and its assumptions well . Without a solid understanding of the problem and its circumstances, it is difficult to determine what the best approach to a This functionality is solution will be. 3. Don’t get technical. Acceptance criteria should be stat in common language.

Design team will analyze

Not everyone can have an idea about the technology and the correct approach. 4. Specify the fulfillment condition correctly . The criteria Panama Mobile Database should not be too general, nor should they be too precise, focusing on unnecessary details. They should be short and allow the development team to propose an appropriate solution. 5. Bin documentation of acceptance criteria at the binning.

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Your project and advise

Don’t leave it for later in the process. The acceptance criteria should be known and clear when the team starts working on the software. Examples WS Numbers of correctly defin acceptance criteria User Story: As a logg in user of a streaming service, I would like to be able to check my payment status so I know when to pay for the service. Acceptance criteria: 1. If I am an authenticat user and have an active subscription, when I am in the account settings tab, I can see information about the status of my payment.

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