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We’ve been pessimistic about these companies’ ability to compete on very competitive terms with the big brands that dominate Google’s homepage. Recently. however. we’ve seen Google working to address these issues. Just because you’re a big brand or a big website doesn’t mean you deserve a first page ranking. in year We saw a similar tweak following May’s diversity update. which took steps to prevent a single domain from monopolizing the first page of search results. Brands. especially those that stay on the page one laurels. or withdraw content and work once they reach the top if they find it less visible after an update s brand. Embrace Core Algorithm Updates.

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Establish brands and traditional brick-and-mortar stores (whose websites were built years ago and never updat) often struggle to compete head-to-head with digitally native brands and mobile-first sites. That divide is likely to widen as Google makes explicit public announcements about the importance of page experience in its forthcoming The Importance of Page Experience in May. As with core algorithm updates. Google’s advice is to El Salvador B2B List maintain the quality of content. This advice says a lot (and doesn’t actually say a lot). but a recent update has help to gain more clarity on what search engines mean by quality. If your website is being negatively impact by the annual core algorithm update.

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It’s time to take defensive measures

This advice goes against the generally proactive content marketing and strategy we recommend to our clients. but resolving the issue and re-establishing authority is a necessary step before you start thinking too far. Content inventory analysis can help assess the health of existing evergreen content and prioritize optimization of potentially helpful content. You can perform a simple version of this analysis by cross-referencing a page’s organic traffic with its keywords. Arm with this information. you’ll be able to differentiate rankings for relat keywords within a greater distance of the first page. but not yield organic years. INTERNATIONAL. DIRECTOR OF CORE BEST PRACTICES More and WS Numbers more companies are expanding globally; after all. in the world of digital marketing.


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