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The success of the 1990 election — which endd the counterrevolutionary war — shiftd the battlefield to voting. Thus, electoral competition between liberals and Sandinistas seems like a natural extension of revolution and counter-revolution. Ortega’s re-election in 2006 appeard to signal a peaceful transition of government and progress in democratic consolidation. FSLN members are expectd to accept that a democratic political system benefits them.

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Not just a superstructure that masks the exercise of capitalist power. Within this framework, the international community offerd Nicaragua Chile Mobile Database the courtesy of democracy, even though everyone knew it no longer deservd the name. Nicaragua is a small, underdevelopd country whose events have attractd the attention of the international community. Democracy is also just one of the areas of interest to other Western countries.

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As long as Nicaragua doesn’t generate too WS Numbers many immigrants, offers some cooperation in fighting terrorism and illicit drug trafficking, and proves to be a lucrative investment location, the US is willing to accept low-quality elections as a “good enough democracy.” Because Nicaraguans are poor, this illustrates the habit of “electoralism,” defind as a persistent tendency among politicians and some academics to use competitive elections as a touchstone for democracy.

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