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They are drawn The example is grotesque (we are unlikely to encounter a page with so many photos or emb elements), but it is intend to illustrate how important the lazy loading straty can be in the reception of the page . Installation The module uses additional libraries, so the installation requires them to be includ. The easiest and fastest way is to use the composer.json file for this. In a few steps, you can perform a full installation of the module along with dependencies.

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Now we can run the composer updat comman . Full instructions are in the official documentation . If manual installation is ne, download Croatia Mobile Database the module files from its website on and the library available on GitHub and unpack them to modules/contrib/lazy and libraries/lazysizes folders . Full instructions can be foun on the modul page. How to use the Lazyload module? Important : The module has its own configuration locat under the path admin . It is divid into.

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General settings The general settings tab is part of the Drupal Lazyload module configuration Prefer native lazyloading selecting WS Numbers this option will force the use of lazy loading built into the browser. skipClass elements with a typ class will not use lazy loading. Placeholder image URL image insert in place of load objects. Enable default CSS effect enabling default transitions when loading objects, using CSS with appropriate classes. Use minifi versions selecting this option will cause the scripts to be us in minifi versions.

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