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However. just as we went from encyclopia searches to typing phrases with Uncle Google. now we can take voice search the next step. In mobile devices. A button has long been enough to speak your request instead of typing it in manually. It’s made even more convenient because the touch keyboards that have dominat mobile phones lately aren’t always easy to operate with precision. while the voice recognition algorithm works great and supports multiple languages! Matt Cutts. who announces all Google news. said.  Something aloud. they use speech-appropriate phrases.

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Search operators which is a clearly noticeable trend. In a statement on his channel. he also mention that when creating new technologies for the search engine. Google consider the possibility of additionally describing what users want to search for. In other words. the more Internet users tell their devices about a search question. the better the chances of getting the first result that meets their nes. In a sense. the software has begun to Cambodia B2B List answer questions in a human-like way. A breakthrough moment came when Apple introduc the tool. However. Google itself is pretty good at basic sentences.

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Note on this basis is that the website itself is somewhat behind. After asking specific questions. Google gave us equally specific answers. Therefore. there is no point in continuing to browse the proposal website. So. are we facing a time when Google will no longer be a web search engine. but a knowlge search engine? If so. it will use its own repository and only use additional resources in difficult cases. Currently. we live in an era of website positioning. where the positioning of a website depends on the content. the accuracy WS Numbers of information. and the correct choice of keywords.


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