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There are more A good practice in promoting ecommerce is the use of the socall. usergenerat content — content creat by Internet users themselves (opinions, content from social mia, quotes from their private blogs, etc.) . When designing your campaigns, remember to run A/B tests. They allow you to choose the best ad settings. They consist in checking the effectiveness of several versions of the advertisement using a special tool.

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One made available to advertisers by a given social network). Also, don’t forget to monitor your results. By rularly evaluating the effectiveness Malaysia Mobile Database of campaigns, you can decide to modify those that do not bring the expect results. 5. Follow good SEO practices You’re probably wondering why SEO is so important. Optimization of the eshop in terms of the search engine (usually Google) and specific key phrases makes your website more visible to potential customers.

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Visibility, on the other hand, translates into more traffic on the websit. Which may result in better sales results after all, it’s hard to WS Numbers convince an internet user to buy if he doesn’t visit the store’s website, right? Optimizing an online store for SEO has two dimensions technical (relat to building a website with clean code and correct structure) and content (consisting in selecting and implementing appropriate key phrases in the content.

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