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Try to stand out from your competition by formulating a vari CTA. On the website of the Hawthorn clothing manufacturer, there is a description of the production process The calls to action on the Hawthorn website are laid out in a relax tone ( Got a question? , Check out our gallery ) that encourages you to explore the site. The appropriate number and arrangement of buttons mean that the user interest in taking action does not have to waste time and return to the main menu.

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The thoughtful use of CTAs, Hawthorn creates convenient navigation. Rice Lake Glass a welldesign form Rice Lake Glass is a company Bahrain Mobile Database that makes glass products (windows, larger elements) to order for various institutions. There are two forms on their website. One simple and very short is on the contact page and is us to collect inquiries. The second, more develop, is display in the form of a window after pressing the Get your bid button in the upper right corner of the page.

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This form contains interesting solutions that are worth paying attention to. There are many good practices for creating contact forms . Some WS Numbers companies choose to mak the. Form in the form of a survey, displaying one question. At a time and informing about the progress of the completion. Others create a long form, using dropdown lists and more.

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