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Let us dwell for a moment on the very concept of revision. What does it mean? By default, Thunder versions every change in our article. Using the REVISIONS menu item, we are able to review all sav versions of our document: The CMS system versions the changes in the article, and the sav versions are available in the Revisions section.Each version of an article in Thunder CMS can be compar in the Revision section.

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This allows us to both compare differences between versions and restore previous versions. Thanks to Thunder CMS, the user does Jiangxi Mobile Database not have to worry that changes to the article will be lost. This is an extremely useful and simple solution that ensures that no changes will be lost, and in case of any mistake it will be easy to restore the last correct version of our website. Among the available options of our sidebar we will also find: Meta tags: an extensive tool that allows you to customize the default meta values ​​of our website.

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Extremely useful and comprehensive solution for SEO specialists. Meta Tags are another important section in the CMS itor that WS Numbers is of particular importance for SEO. Simple XML Sitemap: Configurations about the page in terms of its existence in the sitemap. We can decide here whether the article is to be index and what priority it should have. And yes Thunder includes an automatically generat XML sitemap as standard.

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