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These should be the lowest priority on your to-do list. Unweight Priority Scoring (using simple math) The scatterplot model is great for prioritizing a to-do list for your own handful of tasks. But it can get a little overwhelming when you ne to prioritize hundrs or thousands of tasks. This is when the scoring system can help you. s the same way as the value and complexity scatterplots. but uses addition (we told you it’s simple math) to arrive at the final score. Which you can sort from largest to smallest. then in order Process the list. Unweight Score Variable Variable You simply add the (positive) value to the (negative) complexity to calculate the final unweight score for the activity. Consistency.

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Focus is. how will others know? Using a prioritization model can help align employees across the organization. When you choose which variables to use to effectively prioritize tasks. you can align them with your organization’s overall goals or objectives. Here are four of the most popular models for digital marketers today. Value and Complexity (using a scatterplot) This method is by far the easiest way to prioritize tasks. You Cuba B2B List can simply take the todo list and plot each task on an axis with complexity on the axis and value on the axis. The highest priority is the task in the upper left quadrant. As the scatterplot shows. things and things in the graph below have the highest priority.

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Priority Scoring (using not-so-simple math) Often your variables are not weight equally.  team in the world and complexity isn’t a big deal. No matter how you define specific variables. bas on extra weighting scores can help you more accurately prioritize techniques. which is critical when you have thousands of things on your to-do list. For this approach. we take custom weights (value. complexity) and multiply them to their respective columns. Then. to calculate the weight score. we add these numbers together. This approach is very similar WS Numbers to the weight grading system we have in college courses.


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