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The concept of marginality, deepening his critique of current globalization. “Opening up to the world,” Francis wrote, “is an expression employed by the economic and financial industry today,” and begins by noting that “economic powers can invest without hindrance or complexity,” imposing “a global economy that A unique cultural model. A globalism that often favors protecting the identities of their strongest.  Seeks to liquefy the identities of the weakest and poorest, making them more vulnerable and dependent.

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This way , politics has become increasingly fragile in the face of transnational economic powers that practice divide and conquer. What town? For Panama Mobile Database Francisco’s critics outside the door, the differences indicated do not seem to exist. Encyclical Fratelli tutti or Laudato si’ The “people” in the text are sen with the same authoritarian.  Seasoning as the Catholic nationalist period of the first half of the 20th century.

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Reading, in my opinion, based on the Pope’s WS Numbers statements and documents, is very biasd. Francis in a public interview And the multiple interventions in his encyclical clearly point in the other direction. The pope’s condemnation of neoliberal globalization and the anti-liberal context in which he appeals to the people does not appear to have brought about the exclusion and authoritarian essentialism of yesteryear.

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