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Payment which turn out not to be the case.  send money by ordinary transfer. and a false confirmation was sent to the seller’s email. Many of them believe in the honesty of their customers. and the limit of sending goods to the addresses they provide has been push. In November. the Polish Internet was shaken by news of the death of a young actor in the TV series. . L. And the TV station. which allegly report the incident on its website.

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Was also involv in the confusion. The Jamaica Phone Number List whole news is fake.  all lines were cross. The question is. are netizens getting more and more childish. or are joke makers getting more cunning? What to believe. what to be wary of? It’s worth remembering that on the Internet. as on the road. the principle of limit trust applies. At the end of the month. on his channel. we can watch a video in which Josef Kaniaó. a Polish man. allegly won the hearts of jurors on Britain’s Got Talent. A lot of people took the film for real. and its popularity brought Cezik over too. The website has been view millions of times. Do you buy or sell online? Beware of scammers.

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As the actor himself said saying

The owners of . . . and stores can boast the USA Person largest fraud. and clothing at surprisingly low prices on its website. This has not arous suspicion among those who trust the seller and order the purportly original item. After some time. it turns out that the shipment didn’t arrive or did arrive. but a cheap knockoff from China. The case is being handl by the Prosecutor’s Office. which currently has an extensive file and witness statements. It’s not just sellers who are tricky. Buyers have also broken.

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