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A highly complex political process An election, like a street demonstration or a revolution, is an event in which multiple forces converge; a photo of something that is really in perpetual motion, contradictory. What gives a more unequivocal orientation to that tide is open to political action. With an outcome that is both triumphant and precarious, Norwegian Labor will build the meaning of this election out of its policies on climate change.

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The welfare state and social equality, a jarring set of issues that have given Norway an outstanding world visibility. the nordic lesson, the title of the new List Of Real Mobile Database book that studies the development of Swden, Norway and Finland, and the lessons it may have for Latin America in terms of expanding well-being for the majority, is a statement as well as a question.

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In the case of Norway, this question revolves around the relationship between those forces that made this egalitarian society possible and those that WS Numbers contribute to its dismantling. The new government will take final shape in October, but on election night Støre made Labor’s priorities clear. Plan A is a coalition government together with the Center Party –the one that grew the most in the election and became the third force with more than.

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